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$34.99 per month

United Fitness Center is open.  Your health and safety is our highest priority, and we will continue to do what is in the best interest for all of our members.  United Fitness Center wants to thank all of its members for the continued support during this time.  As we begin to reopen the facility we want to make this experience easy but also safe as possible.

Below you will see the new safety and sanitation measures we are implementing at United Fitness Center until further notice to keep our members safe and healthy:

  • Bring your own towel for wiping down equipment, spray bottles with cleaning solution will be provided. THIS IS OUR ONLY MANDATORY RULE!  Bring a clean towel daily to wipe down equipment and protect yourself as well as others around you.  We will have sanitizing wipes but as many of you know sources are limited right now.  You will not be allowed to workout without a towel to clean and protect yourself!

  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and apply before and after leaving.

  • Sanitize equipment before and after use with provided spray bottles.

  • If you are feeling sick or having symptoms, please stay home and see a doctor.

  • Work to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from others – we ask members to use common sense with this and make those around you comfortable by reading the situation.

  • Mask are mandatory at this time.

If you have any questions feel free to call or text.  414-491-4279 


We look forward to seeing everyone and thank you for being a loyal customer!

For the last 25 years United Fitness Center has been providing its customers a unique fitness environment in which anyone will feel extremely comfortable. United Fitness Center is a 24/7 facility that allows all members with an access card to use the facility 365 days a year.   It is a "real" 24/7 gym that is not only clean and stylish, but it is loaded with tons of Free Weight and Cardio Equipment.  ​
If you are looking for a comfortable and friendly place to work out without the "corporate stuffy" feel, you will enjoy United Fitness Center.
United Fitness Center is a family facility designed for total success for you or your children.  You will experience five-star personalized fitness with a genuine staff who celebrate and support your individual needs in attaining the body and health you desire.  Our team of fitness professionals are located throughout the center to assist you with any questions and with any equipment.  You will quickly discover that we make a very special effort to ensure you get the support and assistance necessary to achieve your fitness and health goals.  We are committed to you at every level providing an outstandingly friendly, comfortable and clean facility.
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