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Personal Training and Nutrition at United Fitness Center


United Fitness Center has two of the best personal trainers in the state of Wisconsin.  Father and son team that can handle and take care of any of your fitness needs:


  - Diet / Nutrition Pans         - Mind & Body Sculpting      - One on One Personal Training     - Rehabilitation 

  - Weight Loss                     - Athletic Training               - Physical Therapy                       - Contest Prep

  - Custom Workout Plans      - Wedding Prep                  - Vacation Prep                            -Sports Training

Personal Trainers Gary and Charlie Weissman

Gary has dedicated the past 25 years of his life establishing one of the top fitness and personal training facilities in Wisconsin. Gary is a three-time Mr. Wisconsin Health & Body Champion who specializes in achieving outstanding results. Charlie Weissman, son of Gary, has been working side by side with his father his entire life, growing up in the fitness industry. Charlie graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Exercise Science, Strength, and Conditioning, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Business. Charlie played 4 years of college football while completing his education. Clients seek out Gary and Charlie for their award-winning approaches in health, vitality, along with their expertise in bringing together mind, body, and power workouts. With Gary and Charlie Weissman as your personal trainers, you will not only learn to utilize various strategies and skills, but effectively apply understandings that can immediately transform your quality of life forever.

United Fitness Center is a facility designed for total success for you and your family.  You will experience five-star personalized fitness with a genuine staff that celebrate and support your individual needs in attaining the body and health you desire. You will quickly discover that we make a very special effort to ensure you get the support and assistance necessary to achieve your fitness and health goals. We are committed to you at every level, providing an outstandingly friendly, comfortable, and clean facility.

Get the results you want and deserve with your personal trainers, Gary and Charlie Weissman, at United Fitness Center - money back guarantee results!

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